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Urząd Gminy Trzebielino
Trzebielino 7a, 77-235 Trzebielino
Tel. +48 59 85 80 223, +48 59 85 80 253, +48 608 452 060
Fax +48 59 85 80 167


    About community Trzebielino

    Community Trzebielino is located in the central-west part of voivodeship Pomorskie, in the district Bytów, by the national road number 21 Miastko – Ustka, about 50 km away from the Baltic Sea. The community Trzebielino covers the area of 225 km2, and its population is about 3800 people. The economy of the community is based on forestry, agriculture and agri-food industry.

    The wealth of the community are the forests with are rich in lowest undergrowth (The forest covers about 62% of the communities area). In the forest, mostly pine and beech, you can find rare and protected species of plants and animals.

    The community Trzebielino is located in the lagging of the Landscape Park „Dolina Słupi”, and in the Zielin village is located a reserve „Torfowisko Zielin Miastecki”.

    Through the areas of the community Trzebielino passes by one of the largest and most beautiful rivers in Pomorze called Wieprza, and a few smaller: Bożanka, Bystrzenica, Pokrzywna. These areas are popular among lovers of canoeing, which attracts an interesting route with beautiful landscapes and many obstacles to overcome. You can rent canoe equipment in Trzebielino, by the mill on the river Pokrzywna.

    A bike trail called „Morenowe Wzgórza” is also a tourist attraction. It connects the communities Trzebielino and Miastko, and is 32 km long. The route is so appointed to show the most of natural and landscape values of the two communities.

    Through the community Trzebielino also runs the historic trail along the five historic churches in Biesowicach, Bruskowo Great, Kwakowie, Zębowo and Cetyniu – the last one had a full renovation.
    In the community there are monuments and objects of architecture and construction registered in the register of monuments of the voivodeship Pomorskie and in the historical records of community Trzebielino, for example:

    • Manor Park from the end of the XiX century, water mill from 1921 in Broczyna;
    • Church dedicated to the Holy Redeemer with the surrounding in Cetyń;
    • Church dedicated to the John the Baptist, bullied in 1930, in Gumieniec;
    • Palace and surrounding bullied in the second half of the XVII century in Poborowo;
    • Manor Park from the second half of the XIX in Suchorze;
    • Parish Church dedicated to Immaculate Heart of Mary with the surrounding and interior, Manor Park bullied in the 1810 for the von Puttkamerów, timbered water mill from the second half of the XIX century in Trzebielino.

    In the community there are areas by the town Trzebielino assigned in the local Spatial Development Plan as areas for home building individual recreation, services. So it is a great place for home, leisure or business.
    The community Trzebielino was awarded in the 2006 with the title „Community opened for the Structural Funds”, because of the successful acquisition of UE funds. The community wants to create even better conditions for living, business by the development of infrastructure, improving the image of the community, and to promote the unquestionable values of tourism and recreation.

    The community Trzebielino is also involved in numerous activates in the region – together with the community Miastko creates the Local Action Group ” Wrzeciono”, which developed in onrder to activate the local communities of the two communities, promoting rural municipalities located in Miastko and Trzebielino, as well as initiating and supporting innovation in the development of rural areas.

    The community Trzebielino is also a founding member of the Local Group of Fisheries ” Pojezierze Bytowskie” acting on behalf of regional and local development, particularly among to improve the attractiveness of fishing areas, improve the quality of life in local communities, water conservation and resource diversification of economic activities in the areas of fishing.

    We hope that the above description encouraged you to visit the community Trzebielino.

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